5 Untraditional Wedding Desserts

Oreo Cake

Weddings make people feel nostalgic, so why not have a dessert to match! Enjoy it as a cake replacement or a late night snack!

credit: Brides

cake pops.jpg

Cake Pops

These are perfect for the couple that isn’t a fan of cake, but still want to have this wedding tradition included in their big day. It is just the perfect bite & is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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ice cream truck.jpg

Ice Cream Truck

This dessert option is picture perfect! Wow your guests with amazing presentation & a photo moment! Also, did we mention it is DELICIOUS!

Credit: The Wedding Standard California

cotton candy.jpg

Cotton Candy

Are you so in love that you feel like you are on Cloud 9? Then this is the dessert for you! It is such a fun way to give the guests an experience that they will remember forever.

Credit: Wedding Chicks

hot chocolate bar.jpg

Hot Chocolate Bar

Having a winter wonderland wedding? Get a hot chocolate bar! This is perfect for those cold nights under the stars because it will warm up your guests in no time & give them the sugar rush they need to get back on the dance floor.

Credit: Weddings by FunJet