5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Vendors For You!

1. Select Your Wedding Planner First!

It is a wedding planners job to know most of the vendors in their area. Because we are so knowledgeable about this, we can pick vendors that fit your couple style perfectly! So you don’t have to do all the stressing!

2. Make Sure They Fit Your Style

Everyone has their own couple style and finding vendors that can mold to your style is super important! Why? Because you want your wedding to be your wedding!

3. Match Your Vibes To See If They Are Someone You Actually Want To Work With

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but SUPER important! You want to work with people that will laugh with you and make the process fun, but they also know what they are doing! You want to be able to comfortably voice your opinions and concerns without feeling judged.

4. Don’t Just Look At Pricing

Sometimes paying the extra couple hundred dollars can be worth it for the experience you will have working with someone. For example, one photographer maybe be cheaper by $500, but they probably don’t offer an engagement shoot with that package or an album. However, the photographer that charges a little bit extra might include more that might be worth it in the long run!

5. Know Your Priorities

Before even selecting vendors, you should know your top three priorities. Are yours food, photography, and location? Photography, florals, and invitations? When you know your priorities you can pick vendors that are best for those priorities. Also, those priorities are a good way of knowing what a decent chunk of your budget is going to go towards.