Friendor Friday: Ashley Cambron Photography


Friendor Friday: Ashley Cambron Photography

This week’s Friendor Friday goes to the lovely Ashley Cambron (used to be Roberts)! I met Ashley through my sister-in-law and I immediately fell in love with her work! It is absolutely beautiful! Ashley is a photographer based out of Louisville, Kentucky! She does everything from weddings to senior portraits! Check out her Instagram and Website and stalk her life!

P.S. I would def start with stalking their honeymoon pictures because GREECE!

Me and Jay.jpg

Tell us about yourself! (Personally and Professionally)

Hi, my name is Ashley! Thanks so much for featuring me! I am a lifestyle & editorial photographer located in Louisville, Kentucky.

I just recently got married on May 4th & love living life with my best friend & husband, Jay.

Other than photography & my husband, some things I love are the beach, Jesus, sunshine, cats, caramel lattes, pizza, & taking walks.

Wedding 3.jpg

What made you want to do photography? Specifically weddings?

I discovered my love & talent for photography at the end of my Junior year at Indiana Wesleyan University. At the time, I was a graphic design major & one of the classes I had to take was an introductory course in photography. That was my first time ever getting my hands on a DSLR & my life was changed forever.

I ended up switching my major to photography going into senior year & have never regretted it!

In regards to wedding photography, I never really thought that I would like it. But, I figured I should give it a try, so I photographed my first wedding in May of 2014 (my uncles wedding haha). And then, I photographed two more soon after that. Before you know it, I was calling myself a wedding photographer!

Photographing weddings was scary at first, but the more weddings I shot, the more knowledgeable I became & the easier it got!

engagement ashley.jpg

Do you do other photography?

Yes! I do engagements, seniors, families, product, & fashion!

First Look.jpg

What is your favorite part of a wedding to photograph? (first kiss, first dance, cake cutting, etc.)

My favorite part to photograph is definitely the first look (if there is one). I LOVE first looks. They are so special & intimate.

I love capturing the look on the grooms face when he sees his beautiful bride for the first time & I love how the nerves & stress just fade away as soon as they can finally see each other.

Even if there isn’t a first look, I just love taking photos of the bride & groom. The bridal party is fun & all but there’s just something about getting the bride & groom alone to capture the love & joy that they have for each other on their wedding day. It makes me so happy!

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How do you avoid burnout? I know it must get tough editing all the time.

For me, a lot of it has to do with time management. I stress easily and I feel stressed, I begin to get burnout….especially when I feel rushed. So, I make sure that the photo delivery time frame I tell the clients gives me plenty of time to edit without having to rush. Because when rushed, it is hard to do the best you can do. And I want all my clients to get the best.

Another way I avoid burnout is by shooting for fun! Fitting in some fun creative photo projects in my schedule helps keep the creative juices flowing. And there’s just something about shooting something that isn’t for anyone but yourself! No pressure, just creative fulfillment.


What is something unique about your business that no one else can recreate?

I mean….I could always use the cheesy answer and say ME! Haha. And while that answer is pretty dang cheesy….it’s actually quite true. I am my business! And no one is like me!

When you book a aren’t just booking a camera. You are booking the person behind the camera! You don’t just want good photos, you want a pleasant and memorable experience! You want someone you can trust and feel comfortable around.

This is also applicable to other wedding vendors too…..especially wedding planners and videographers.

Cuyahoga (1).jpg

Where has been the coolest place you have done a photo shoot?

I photographed a wedding in Cuyahoga National Park a couple years ago….and that is still one of my favorite weddings and locations to date (it helps that they were also good friends of mine). It snowed the night before the wedding, so Cuyahoga looked like a winter wonderland. *heart eyes*


Who is your ideal couple to work with?

My ideal couple would have to be laid back, flexible, and down for anything. Photo shoots and weddings don’t always go the way you plan (usually due to weather). So the more you go with the flow, the more fun it is! Usually the whole point for photos are the memories! So let go of control and just make memories! So it starts to rain….dance in it! So it ended up being really cold….cuddle up! Just relax, have fun, make the most of your situation, and trust your photographer!

On different note, another idea couple to work with would be someone who are having a destination wedding or elopement. Those are two categories that I have not been able to experience yet….and I really want to! (hint hint!)

ashley wedding.jpg

Congrats on your recent marriage! How did photographing weddings beforehand help prepare you for your wedding?

Thank you!!! Oh my gosh….it helped me so much. I feel like I would have been clueless when it comes to weddings if my career wasn’t photographing weddings!

There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding….and as a photographer….I am kind of involved in a lot of the behind the scenes of the wedding planning…..especially the wedding day timeline. So that was very helpful. But also, being able to attend and see so many weddings made me figure out what I did and did not want!

It also helped me get an understanding of how much different aspects of weddings cost….because I know a lot of people are unaware of how expensive weddings are!

So yeah….I never thought that I would become a wedding expert, but after photographing so many weddings, it’s happened!

My Wedding.jpg

What inspires you the most?

Other photographers! My Instagram feed mostly consists of other photographers (some I know, and some I don’t), and I am constantly inspired by them! And not just wedding photographers….I follow and am inspired by all types! Here are some Instagram handles of some that inspire me the most right now.